As We recognized the Estate in the United States has increasingly turned hard rith, there are few places that permit differing voice. So we give comment, and report on any issues of the day without filters of the elite, right leaning establishment media. We also consider ourselves genuinely patriot the kind of people who get chill when fireworks go off on the July, who reflexive stand up when the National Anthem is played and know that American is still the greatest nation on earth. We believe this nation is filled with others people like us whom have not been afforded the opportunity to be heard. The Association's activities have always concentrated on the supporting and spreading the ideals of brotherhood, unity in responsibility for the common good, through the instilling of new ethical and social values for lifestyles. In three year educational program 2000-2003 held joint with the University of Interdepartmental Center for Peace Research and Regional Institute of Educational Research. The President of the Association, also in his own capacity of Representative of the U N endorsed University for Peace, conducted that part of the program relative to the United Nation and its specialized Agencies which for the teaching staff in that area significant increased their knowledge of education.

We get asked that question a lot. So here is the unvarnished truth.
Today, we have been labeled every name in the book. In the words of a former people, some of us cling to our religion, the religion part, not so much.  But we all cling to the USA Constitutions.

We are libertarian, and populist; most of us are rank and file conservatives while others are Republicans who do not follow the straight party line. Few of us lean libertarian. We are edgy and seek to acquires intelligent, compelling dialogue alongside wise and thoughtful readers. We look for a civil discourse that let’s freedom ring, but we do not suffer loonies.

We do recognize that the Fourth Estate in the United States has increasingly turned hard left and there are very few places that permit differing voices. Then we analyze, and report on the issues of the day without the filters of the elite, left leaning establishment media.

Occasionally you will see a prominent name among our contributors, but our goal is to open our readership to a new generation of thought from the freedom movement. we endeavor to advance original and unhackneyed concepts to the marketplace of ideas.

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