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Who Will Be The Next President Of US Election 2020

In US election system, only the state-level results that counts. Every state has a number of electoral votes based on population, and many reliably vote the same way each of the time.

The two independent American sources, Real Clear Politics and The Cook Political Report, publish list of states grouped by how they are expected to vote on election night. Many states are classified as toss-ups which means they could be won by either side.

We choose our seven keys states from the toss-up which have enough electoral votes to share interactive reports, the final outcomes and where we expect the battle to be fought most closely. President Trump won all of them in 2016.

Why should some of the candidates start with some votes

Since the most states are already tipped to vote one way or another, we've assigned their respective electoral votes to the candidate that each is considered most likely to vote for. Which means that the game starts at 189 votes for Mr. Trump and 234 for Mr. Biden.

Mr. Trump has not said when he would request and Mr. Biden took a drug test before the debate and also said he was not sure if they will let me do it. The point is, if you go back and watch some of those numerous debates, you will see he was so bad. It's not different from the gladiators, only we have to use our brain and our mouth and our body to stand. We will all standing.

In 2016, Mr. Trump called on then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to take a drug test before their third debate.

Technically yes. There are a total of 539 electoral college votes and it is possible for two candidates to win states in such a way that each will come out with 269 votes.

Breaking the tie, US House of Representatives will vote for the next president and the US Senate will vote for the next vice-president also.

This is so rare, though that it only happened three times in US history  and not since 1836.

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