I Want You To Choose Me

ELLA want a serious man but not a play boy, she needs a young man to be with him. She doesn't allow a man who will break her heart. Need not a play boy, but looking for a Man, who have a good enough idea of a relationship. She's looking for a younger man to date. She do have every thing a mam is looking from a woman. A man who is strong and energetic must impress her to get her attention. 

I am called ELLA, do you really like to know me, get me connected and let’s chat even talk on the phone and l can answer all your questions, I will respect you as you rightly deserves. I want to share my love and r0mancing ideas with you that appreciates a hardworking lady. I love r0mantic words and willing to do everything for you that can be the lover of  me and fill my love life with your rom@ntic quote and can be serious when necessary, se*ual sportive and sweet. The guy that I can have good conversations with nice important about anything. 

My though seems that its very good to meet somebody who will be your second part in any sense. A man who would care about me and treat me like a baby as well but he will be sincere enough to express his intentions and never to hide what he has in  mind. People become happy when they have some enough trust in each other.

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