Coronavirus In Syria

Syrian government now set a temporary hospital for Coronavirus patients at Damascus sports complex in preparation.

Facility at Al-Faiha Stadium will operate 200 beds for people requiring oxygen, but has capacity for 150 more. The Ministry of health has reported 5,764 cases of Covid-19 and 329 deaths in government held areas since March. Last month, researchers in U K estimated that only the fraction of deaths due to Covid-19 in Damascus had been reported for various reasons, including limited testing capacity.

Health authorities in the opposition held north west of Syria and the Kurdish-controlled north east have separately reported the deaths of another 80 people with Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

This month, the Syrian government has reported 600 new Covid-19 cases and 50 deaths across its territory, according to the health ministry website. In the month of September, 2,467 infections and 123 deaths were recorded in total.

Dr Hasaba said there had been an increase in the daily number of new cases in the past week, and noted that there could be a surge in cases this winter.

Sana also reported that the ministry had also set up an emergency management room to co-ordinate the transportation and treatment of patients in government and private hospitals in the country.

Government is not currently expected to reimpose the lockdown measures it eased in. Maybe cause the Syria is facing a deep economic crisis.

World Health Organization  has said that limited testing capacity has hidden the scale of the crisis.

Lot of cases are still going unreported, and the actual number of Covid-19 cases is much more higher. World Health Organization Syria representative, Akjemal Magtymova, told Reuters news agency.

The doctors, nurses and aid workers told Human Rights to watch that they face shortages of personal protective equipment  and restricted access to oxygen tanks, in mid-August the doctors union reported that a total of 80 health workers had died since Covid-19 was first detected in Syria.

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